Is GOD a Destiny Changer? Read To see Other Christians’ View — 14 Comments

  1. I’m always wondering if truly God Change destinies? But today I will have to agree with you that He only restore and redirect densities. Thank you for post.

  2. I wish to know my destiny.Any advice on how to do that?Ever since I was a child,I felt like I had a destiny.I know I do.I just am curious to why I was made.

  3. Great post I am grateful the Lord led me to this article after hearing that song and one local one in my country Ghana you know I really have been so uncomfortable and doubted the theology in the song but today my thoughts are relieved
    Indeed God does not change Destiny but restores and redirects men to it
    God bless you

  4. Finally, there is someone who agrees with me. Everyone on this earth is destined for great works but some actions and inactions on this earth might change it. God intervenes by as the writing said restoring or redirecting us back to our destiny. God bless you.

  5. I agreed with you man of God, the very first day i ve heard this song, I was confused. God does not change destiny(Jer1:5). We are on earth to fulfill our God given purpose

  6. God does not change destinies. Everyone born into this world comes with a destiny- plan and a purpose. Whatever happens is in line with the destiny.
    Doctor to preacher
    Secretary to a business person etc

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