How To Earn


R₦ for referring a new member800No limit
R₦ for becoming a member100-

   Activity Earnings(D₦)

D₦ for viewing a post6Maximum 10 times per day
D₦ for Approved Comment6Maximum 10 times per post
D₦ for new Post60No limit
D₦ for logging in40Maximum once per day
D₦ for viewing video12-
D₦ for completing quiz5Maximum 2 times per week
D₦ for 100% quiz completion50Maximum 2 times per week
D₦ for clicking on link to: %url%1-

for sharing sponsored posts: ₦50
For watching our video for every 5mins: ₦12
For taking quiz: 3
For scoring 100% in quiz: 20

the more you watch the videos, the more you earn, you can watch it anytime, even with night subscription. If you watch video for 10mins, you earn ₦24

Minimum withdrawal daily for affiliate earnings is ₦1000

Minimum withdrawal weekly for activity earniing is D3000

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