What Does Digtheword Represents

Digtheword is a platform or portal of illumination. Designed with to capture the internet for God.  And to bring online all possible gospel events details(date, venue, etc). In addition to that, we publish articles on godly relationship that can spice up your future or present relationships. Check Mission and Vision for more.

How Do We Earn

We earn through three disctintuve ways; Google adsense, sponsored post(people pay us to publish what they want in this website) and affiliate.

Who Can Earn

Anyone who purchased a plan with us can earn. For now, we have two plans; free plan and Gold plan. Gold plan member can earn while free plan subscriber cannot.

How Can I Earn

The first requirement for earning is to become a Gold plan member. You can register for Gold membership by clicking Signup After that see How to Earn

How Do I make Payment

You can make payment via Paypal or Bank transfer. If you are in Nigeria, it is best to use the  bank transfer payment method. After the payment, we would confirm your account.

How Can I Refer to Earn

You can refer someone by copying your unique referral link which is visible in your Account page/ Note that you can still earn without referring

Who Can Join Digtheword

Anyone can join, whether in Nigeria or not. As long as you have a smart phone or a computer.

Your Balance is Too Low to Use this Feature

This means that your earning is still not upto the minimum requires before you can request for payment.