You must have read or heard how bloggers make money. Just for clarity, bloggers make money by selling advertisement space and publishing sponsored posts.

Have you ever been in a website and see something like “ads by google” or Amazon link”? You must have seen something like Glo network banner displayed on some blogs. All these things channels money into the owners of the blog.  Now ask yourself, why those bloggers care not to pay their users who made making the money possible for them(bloggers).

If this blog Digtheword, we make money through Google ads, sponsored posts and advertisement(inform of banners placed in this blog). We have been making money form this blog since 2017, but recently, basically due to the lock down, we decided to integrate an algorithm that would make us reward users based on their activities: referral, reading, commenting and sharing sponsored posts

To benefit from our scheme, you have to be a registered member with Silver or Gold privilege. Both the Silver and Gold members earn, but the major difference is that the Gold member can submits posts and earn while the Silver member cannot submit posts.

To join is cheap, Silver member plan is N600(2$ if you are outside Nigeria) and the Gold member plan is N1000($3.5 if you are outside Nigeria).

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You can pay either by bank transfer, online payment(Flutterwave) or Paypal.

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